How to get to the Property?


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From San Jose

Step 01. The road from San Jose to Limon is the C32.

Step 02. After the University of Costa Rica, take right 241, Santa Rosa.

Step 03. If you avoid Limon downtown you'll gain some time.

Step 04. Arriving at the Banano river means that you are already on the road that goes to Puerto Viejo.

Step 05. Go straight, crossing Puerto Viejo and continue driving like if you're going to Manzanillo.

Step 06. From Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, after 2 kms, you will see the supermarket Super NEGRO, just after take the first small road on your right, before restaurant Johanna, the gate is blue (there is a video gatekeeper on right).

Step 07. VERY IMPORTANT ... check in until 8 pm thanks.

Taxi, Bus or Caribe Shuttle

Indicate Relax Natural Village in Cocles, Puerto Viejo.

This is the link to reserve. https://www.caribeshuttle.com/daily-shuttles-san-jose

The last bus is at 2pm because the journey can take up to 6 hours, due to the construction of the new highway.

The construction of the highway between San Jose and Limon can extend your trip. the ideal would be to leave San Jose at 1 pm at the latest.


If your flight arrives after 1pm to San Jose, it would be impossible to arrive before 8 pm (close check-in), and you must sleep one night in the capital changing your reservation the next day.

By plane: https://flysansa.com/limon/ combined with a taxi, the journey is only approximately 1.30 hours from San Jose.


From Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, after 2 km, you will see the Súper Negro supermarket, right after the supermarket take the small road to the right. At the end of the road there is a blue gate with a video gatekeeper on right.

If you arrive at the crossing indicating Restaurant Johanna, you have to go back 30 meters and take the first road to the left

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